Caring for a Runny Nose

The cold can bring very annoying sensations for several days. For more than two weeks, a doctor should be consulted, as the common cold can lead to sinusitis or bronchitis .

Remedy against the runny nose

Drink a grog: this remedy is to drink very hot. Simply pour into a glass a teaspoon of lemon juice , a lemon slice, a tablespoon of honey and two tablespoons of rum. Fill the glass with boiling water and drink.

Inhale to breathe better: boil water and then add essential oils of eucalyptus or rosemary. Then place your nose over the container and cover the head with a cloth and then inhale the vapors for about 10 minutes.
care for a nose

not to make the cold worse
A cold can quickly worsen if the living conditions are not adapted. To prevent the cold from getting worse , you must:

– Wash your nose with a pear by injecting salt water
– Drink water and herbal teas
– Ventilate the room of life and do not increase the heating
– Avoid dairy products during meals